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MEPHICO S.A.L. (Middle East Pharmaceutical and Industrial Company), the first company of pharmaceuticals was created in 1956 by a group of pharmacists to manufacture ethical drugs and was located in Beirut.

In 1962 it moved to Jamhour to its newly built high production capacity plant.

In 1965, in addition to its line of products, MEPHICO S.A.L. started manufacturing under license pharmaceutical products for international pharmaceutical companies such as CIBA-GEICY at present NOVARTIS AG, Basle, Switzerland.

Today MEPHICO S.A.L. is firmly established as one of the leading Lebanese pharmaceutical firms and has achieved a reputation for top quality and reliability of its products.

A program of Total Quality Management and Quality Assurance constitutes the basis of our Good Manufacturing Practice.

Needless to mention here that our main objective is to ensure the best pharmaceutical product to the largest number of patients and to develop new products that will help maintain the health care process at its highest level of excellence.

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